The Portfolio consists of interests in twenty wind farms located in the UK, together having an aggregate net installed capacity of 436.1MW. All of these assets are onshore except for Rhyl Flats.


Cotton Farm  - 16.4MW
Earl's Hall Farm  - 10.25MW
Little Cheyne Court  - 24.5MW
Lindhurst  - 4.4MW
Middlemoor  - 26.5MW
Sixpenny Wood  - 10.6MW
Yelvertoft  - 8.4MW

Braes of Doune  - 36MW
Carcant  - 6MW
Clyde - 98.7MW
Drone Hill  - 14.7MW
Kildrummy  - 18.4MW
Langhope Rig  - 16MW
North Rhins  - 11.4MW
Stroupster  - 29.9MW 

Northern Ireland:
Bin Mountain  - 9MW
Screggagh  - 20MW
Tappaghan  - 28.5MW

Maerdy  - 24.0MW
Rhyl Flats  - 22.5MW

All assets April 2017