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01 June, 2014 

Money Observer - Infrastructure high yields blow in 


Greencoat UK Wind is the only infrastructure fund domiciled onshore. Its premium is generally less than 5 per cent, and its 5.7 per cent yield is well covered by earnings. It expects to raise distributions in line with the RPI, starting with an increase from 6p to 6.16p for 2014.

09 May, 2014 

Financial Times - How to Invest in Infrastructure 


With the UK government legally committed to meeting 15 per cent of energy demand from renewable sources by 2020, producers of green energy receive guaranteed prices as a form of subsidy. Given that the guarantees, which enjoy cross-party support, are inflation-linked and typically run for 20 to 25 years, the investment risks for operators are low, says Stephen Lilley, partner at Greencoat Capital. The Greencoat UK Wind fund, which counts one offshore and nine onshore wind farms in its portfolio, is one of a handful of listed renewable infrastructure funds...

01 May, 2014 

Windpower Monthly - Wind companies ready to brave the capital markets 


British fund Greencoat UK Wind started a wave of IPOs in March 2013, raising £260 million ($433 million). NRG Yield in the US and the Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG) in the UK followed in July with offerings of $431 million and £300 million, respectively. Canada's TransAlta Renewables completed a C$221 million (US$200 million) share sale in August, California-based Pattern Energy raised $352 million in October, and the UK's Infinis rounded up the year with a £234 million share sale in November. Eckhart sees the offerings as the beginning of a transition for the sector. "What we're seeing is the maturing of the industry. Basically, wind and solar have grown up to meet the expectations and the requirements of capital markets," he says.

01 May, 2014 

Blue & Green Tomorrow - Greencoat UK Wind named best company at New Energy & Cleantech Awards 2014 


Greencoat UK Wind, a £350m renewable energy infrastructure fund, has been named company of the year at the seventh annual New Energy & Cleantech Awards in London on Wednesday. In a ceremony at the Park Plaza Victoria, the firm was recognised with the deal of the year award for its listing on the London Stock Exchange, and subsequently selected as the overall winner by a judging panel. Greencoat, which invests in existing wind farms, made a pre-tax profit of £18.2m in its first year of trading. Judges were said to be impressed by the scale of its ambition...

16 November, 2013 

The Times - Tempus Column 


Green investment, I often suspect, is like buying shares in your football club — driven by sentiment rather than anything so cold-blooded as investment return. Punters have lost an awful lot of money investing in football clubs; they have probably lost almost as much buying into the green message. I have been tracking Greencoat UK Wind for a while now as one of the exceptions to the rule. The business case is clear enough. The company, which floated in March, invests in wind farms in the UK, generally bought from the big energy generators that build them but do not want them on their balance sheets.

04 June, 2013 

Financial Times - Offshore wind: Latest generation of farms raises optimism 


At the official opening of the Robin Rigg wind farm, off the southwest coast of Scotland, an engineer happened to mention that the operation was managing 99 per cent capture of the available energy. It was a vastly higher figure than achieved by the first generation of offshore wind farms. Moreover, says Mr Edge, "the load factors from the offshore fleet are finally starting to pull away from the onshore fleet" - moving from about 30 per cent to closer to 40 per cent. "They were always supposed to be higher offshore but an early disappointment was that they weren't...

10 May, 2013 

Financial Times - Green goes mainstream in the hunt for yield 


It's not very often you hear the manager of a "green" investing vehicle say that "personally, I am pro-nuclear." But there again, Stephen Lilley is not your typical dyed-in-the-wool green. He is a partner at Greencoat Capital, which this year floated the £260m Greencoat UK Wind fund on the London Stock Exchange. The retail component of its initial public offering was well supported by private investors, and Lilley says that high net-worth and private client institutions hold about two-fifths of the company's shares.

04 April, 2013 

Daily Telegraph - Questor share tip: Greencoat UK Wind is an income generator 


Questor says BUY - The UK’s initial public offering (IPO) market is not actually dead; it is just a bit groggy. Last week Greencoat UK Wind listed on the main market and its float was significantly oversubscribed. As with many investments today, it is all about the yield.

22 March, 2013 

Financial Times - UK wind industry given confidence boost 


The UK wind industry has had a big boost in confidence after a wind farms investment fund revealed it had raised £260m in the second-biggest initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange this year. The money raised from the oversubscribed flotation by Greencoat UK Wind will be used to buy stakes in six operating wind farms from the RWE and SSE utilities, five onshore parks and RWE's offshore Rhyl Flats park off the coast of North Wales.

22 March, 2013 

Bloomberg - Greencoat Raises $395 Million in IPO to Buy SSE, RWE Sites 


Greencoat U.K. Wind Plc raised 260 million pounds ($395 million) in Britain’s biggest clean-energy initial public offering to buy projects from RWE AG and SSE Plc. Greencoat offered 260 million shares at 100 pence each to bring in more than its initial goal of about 205 million pounds, the company said today in a statement. It will buy stakes in six operating wind farms with combined capacity of 126.5 megawatts.

22 March, 2013 

City Am - Greencoat UK Wind raises maximum £260min IPO 


Infrastructure fund Greencoat UK Wind this morning said it had raised the maximum £260m ahead of its London listing later this month. Greencoat UK Wind placed 260m shares at a price of 100p, raising gross proceeds of £260m. It had previously said it hoped to raise anything from £205m.

03 March, 2013 

The Sunday Times - Greencoat 


Forget everything you know about wind farms. Ignore the rift they have opened in the coalition government (Tories hate them, Liberal Democrats love them). Block out the bleating nimbys. Windmills can make a very tidy return indeed — if they are already built and operating. So says Greencoat UK Wind. The company will float this month and investors have just 11 days to buy in before the books close on March 15. Why bother?

23 February, 2013 

Daily Mail – Strong demand expected for IPO of unique green fund Greencoat UK Wind with shares set to pay 6% dividend 


Green investment in its current form here in the UK seems to involve a lot of risk without the compensatory rewards. Lack of funding, and some woefully poor execution, has left the junior market littered with failures. So much so that investors have become rather jaded and cynical about the sector. Going against type is Greencoat UK Wind, which is preparing to list next month.

16 February, 2013 

Mail On Sunday - Midas Share Tips: Can buying wind farms generate turbo profits? 


...A prospectus will be released tomorrow and investors will have four weeks to think about whether they are interested in buying. Midas verdict: Wind energy is a contentious subject but Greencoat offers a way of reaping financial benefits from it. The dividend is attractive, Lilley and Fumagalli are experienced and the company has strong growth prospects. Buy.

14 February, 2013 

Bloomberg - Greencoat Taps $63 Billion Wind Assets for Payout Beating Bonds 


Greencoat U.K. Wind Plc, planning Britain’s biggest renewable energy IPO, expects to tap a 40 billion pound ($63 billion) pool of assets that will drive payouts to shareholders almost triple what bonds yield.

07 February, 2013 

The Times - London market gets its chance to start tilting at wind farms 


Taxpayers will own a share in six wind farms after the Government backed the first flotation on the London Stock Exchange of an infrastructure fund focused on wind power. The Department of Business is ploughing £50 million into the fund, called Greencoat UK Wind, which aims to raise at least £205 million.

07 February, 2013 

Infrastructure Investor - Greencoat seeks up to £260m for UK wind 


The fund manager with offices in London, Dublin and Munich, is looking to raise a minimum of £205m from the listing of a new fund investing in UK wind opportunities. The fund will be fully invested from launch due to agreements already struck with two utilities.

07 February, 2013 

City AM - UK wind fund blows onto LSE in £205m float 


Infrastructure fund Greencoat UK Wind is hoping to raise at least £205m through a government-backed float that will jettison it to the main London market. Managed by Greencoat Capital, the fund has bought interests in six wind farms from utility firms SSE and RWE.

06 February, 2013 

Financial Times - Greencoat UK Wind in LSE flotation 


Investors are being offered the chance to back the UK’s first infrastructure fund focused on wind through a flotation on the London Stock Exchange. Greencoat UK Wind, managed by Greencoat Capital, plans to raise at least £205m to buy a seed portfolio of six operational wind farms from utilities Scottish and Southern Energy and RWE.

06 February, 2013 

London Evening Standard - Greencoat UK Wind in a float to buy six farms 


Greencoat UK Wind has unveiled ambitious plans to raise £250 million by listing its shares on the London Stock Exchange. The infrastructure fund, managed by Greencoat Capital, said it will use the money to buy six wind farms from utility groups SSE and RWE.