About Us 

Investment Policy

The Company will continue to invest in wind farm projects predominantly with a capacity of over 10 MW. The substantial majority of the portfolio will be operating UK wind farm projects. 

The Company will invest in both onshore and offshore wind farms with the amount invested in offshore wind farms being capped at 40% of the Gross Asset Value at acquisition. 

The Company will seek to acquire 100%, majority or minority interests in individual wind farms. These will usually be held through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) which hold underlying wind farms. When investing in less than 100% of the equity share capital of a wind farm SPV, the Company will secure its shareholder rights through shareholders' agreements and other transaction documents. 

It is the Company's intention that when any new acquisition is made, no wind farm project acquired will have an acquisition price greater than 25% of the Gross Asset Value of the Group immediately post-acquisition (and in no circumstances will a new acquisition exceed a maximum limit of 30% of the Gross Asset Value of the Group immediately post-acquisition).

The Company intends to make investments in a wide geographical spread of projects that are situated throughout the UK and its offshore renewable energy zone.

The Company will retain exposure to UK power prices by entering into PPAs that avoid fixing price of power sold over the long term. The Company may enter into PPAs or hedging contracts that fix the price of electricity sold for short periods of time.

The Company intends to make prudent use of portfolio level leverage to finance the acquisition of investments and to preserve capital on a real basis. The Company expects that the total of short-term acquisition financing and long-term debt will be between zero and 40% of Gross Asset Value of the Group at any time, with average total debt being between 20% and 30% in the longer term. There will be a third party borrowing limit of 40% of Gross Asset Value calculated immediately after the borrowing has been drawn down.

The Company will not employ staff, and will engage experienced third parties to operate the wind farms in which it owns interests.